Why Walmart sells you bottles of water for only $1

Walmart sells a gallon of Great Value water for $1.08, which is very, very cheap.

Photo: The Toidi / Shutterstock

Tap water is available almost free almost anywhere in the US Bottled water, on the other hand, can be an expensive alternative as you can see from the price of well-known brands including Aquafina and Dasani. These brands are very successful in The United States, which is where the most bottled water is sold in the world.

At this market, Walmart sells a gallon of Great Value water for $1.08, which is very, very cheap. To make matters worse, if buyers are not satisfied with the quality of the product, Walmart will replace it or refund the money to the customer.

Aquafina and Dasani do not have this practice.

Walmart’s tactic of selling cheap water shows a lot about its strategy with consumer products.

And it is that people who buy water from Walmart online or in person are targets for the sale of other products. Walmart designs its stores and website to make sure customers don’t just buy water, they get more.

That is, the company offers a product that is consumed every day at a very low price in order to attract people to its store.and once there, people usually buy more things besides water.

It is on those products that the store makes its real profit.

In addition to tap water, Walmart’s $1.08 water is among the least expensive in the country. This means that Walmart’s only real competition is the water that comes out of the tap.

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