Why was Verónica Castro left out of “La Casa de las Flores”?

Veronica Castro She started working at the age of 15, she always felt a great passion for show business and this led her to participate in well-known soap operas, such as: “Love has a woman’s face” and “The rich also cry”, among others .

Netflix series “The House of Flowers”, created and produced by Manolo Caro in 2018, has three seasons and 35 episodes in total. The story takes place in a family flower shop and behind the facade of the business many secrets are hidden.

Among the iconic characters of the saga was the Mexican actress in her role as Virginia Aguirre de la Mora, who is the matriarch of the family and the main face of the series, who managed to cause a furor with her character, but unfortunately in the second season will not appear.

Why won’t Verónica Castro be there?

Verónica Castro in “The House of Flowers” Verónica Castro

The producer Manolo Cano made a statement about why the role of Verónica is not found and commented: “Verónica was surrounded by people who gave her terrible advice and who filled her with insecurities because there were characters who had shone more.”

According to information released by various entertainment media, who would have been the one who could have intervened in the decision of the renowned actress is her beloved manager Lizzie barrera.

Previously, both started as friends and currently, Lizzie would handle everything for Verónica and it was she who would have taken her away from show business, in turn, it is mentioned that she could be the third in contention between Yolanda Andrade.

Who is Verónica Castro?

Veronica Castro

Verónica Judith Sáinz Castro, known as Verónica Castro is a Mexican actress, singer and television presenter. She is known as one of the most popular figures in the telenovela genre internationally.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Castro hosted a series of popular Late night shows on Mexican television, and in the first decade of 2000 she hosted Reality Shows and was recognized with an honorary Emmy for her legacy in the TV.

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