Why was Willy Gutiérrez, a singing teacher at La Academia and Lisset’s father, hospitalized?

Through her social networks the Mexican singer and actress Lisset Gutiérrez Salazar, artistically known as Lisset, informed all his followers that his father Willy Gutiérrez is hospitalized, one of the most recognized singing teachers in Mexico. So far no further details of his health problems have been released.

Lisset shared that donors of any type of blood and platelets are needed for Willy Gutiérrez, Whoever it was singing teacher in the first generation of The Academy, successful musical reality TV Azteca. He also clarified that his father does not have Covid-19.

The 76-year-old Leobardo Guillermo Gutiérrez Campoy, also a musician, composer and arranger, is admitted to the ABC Hospital de Observatorio, in Mexico City. “Thank you for your support and love,” said her daughter Lisset.

For people who wish to donate blood, they must have two hours of fasting and four hours, in the case of platelets.

One of the people who donated his blood for the respected and beloved teacher was the singer and actor Raúl Sandoval, one of the members of the first generation of La Academia, who learned many singing techniques thanks to Willy Gutiérrez.

The singer-songwriter Nadia Yvonne, other of the interpreters who was part of the aforementioned reality show, expressed in Lisset’s publication: “Oh beautiful, praying for the teacher Willy.”

What is Willy Gutiérrez’s health status?

His daughter Lisset said in the stories of his profile on Instagram that he was stable: “he has a point of improvement, it has nothing to do with Covid, it is something else, but he is stable, thanks to his prayers, thanks to all the people who He wants it, thanks to all the people who have donated, I love you and I am here for you. ”

The creator of the musical groups Cachunes and Fresas con crema, is the founder of the Willy Gutiérrez Cultural Center, which emerged with the objective of creating, promoting and producing artists with all musical capacities of international stature.

Artists such as Thalía, Cristian Castro, Dulce, Margarita “La Diosa de la Cumbia”, Yuridia, María del Sol, Víctor García, Diego Boneta, Daniel Masciarelli, Yahir and many more, have taken classes with the teacher Willy Gutiérrez. He has been deserving of recognitions such as the National Award for Professional Excellence in 2019, awarded by the Hall of Fame of Mexico and the Government of Mexico City.

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Together with his daughter Lisset, the fruit of his marriage to Elsa Salazar, he created the foundation “For a life worth remembering”, where they support talented people, but who do not have the financial resources and who have a real interest in singing.

Willy Gutiérrez is originally from Obregón, Sonora. Photo: Mexico Agency.