Why you should try the Diablo series

Dive into the thrilling world of Diablo, explore its captivating history, and prepare for Diablo 4's highly-anticipated release this summer.

Diablo is a cult RPG series that combines a dark fantasy setting of the worlds of an ancient era, in which demons and spirits, monsters and giant insects rule, Lord Diablo and the Angels opposing him.

Most of all, the players played and loved the second part, called Lord of Destruction.

The player chooses his main class and goes through each of the 5 major chapters, exterminating thousands of monsters, knocking out various equipment, sets, weapons and gems, in order to eventually level up and defeat 5 major bosses, including the eponymous Diablo.

Each time you complete the game, you receive a reward for your class and the opportunity to upgrade to an increased level of difficulty, of which there are only three.

You must carefully consider and develop your hero in several ways, since the third level of difficulty means that the enemies have a lot of resistances. You can face an opponent with complete immunity to your attacks, here a companion with alt damage will come to the rescue.

Diablo 4 in-game powerful scene

Diablo 4

This summer, Blizzard Entertainment will present a new, fresh version of their project – Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 is a full-fledged continuation of a story that has been going on since the first version and has more than 20 years of history in real years.

A full-fledged beta test is currently underway and nearing completion, which will complete the development phase of Diablo 4 and move the project to release status.

You can now choose one of 5 main characters and try out the storyline to test all the heroes and decide on the main character by the time of release.

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Diablo Immortal dragon poster

History of the entire Diablo series

The storyline and the overall history of the Diablo universe flows in a logical and understandable way and complements each other and flows from one part to another.

Events begin in the first part of Dablo, released back in 1996 – in the city of Tristram, or to be more precise, in the dungeons of the city, and the main plot of the fight against ancient evil unfolds.

The player must descend through a series of dungeons and rid the city of the evil dwelling there, bringing peace to the city.

At the end of the game and after defeating the corporeal shell of Diablo, the player stabs a stone of power into his forehead to prevent evil from spreading, but based on the events of the second part, this could not be avoided and the character from the original version will become the source of evil and the cause of the release of ancient evil:

  • Mephisto
  • Diablo
  • Baal

The player chooses a new prototype from 7 classes, taking into account all the additions, and goes to fight evil in five acts, where he has to defeat the local witch, the desert keeper and clawed pebbles, fight Mephisto and Diablo to meet with Baal and help Michael win over world evil.

Diablo 2 was a resounding success, and even the rejection of the gloomy canons in favor of uniting the deserts and snowy territories with the network was received relatively warmly by almost all fans of the series.

The main concept of the game is in favor of battles with a huge number of enemies, where victory lies in reaction speed and the timely use of healing and mana replenishment potions, good luck during hunting and knocking out rare items.

The right build also plays a role, but Diablo gives room for experimentation, and you can always start a character again if you no longer like him.

To go through the history of Diablo 2 and find out where the story will develop further, it is enough to play the game once.

This format is suitable for players who are interested in the LOR itself, and not in repetitive gameplay. The most interesting thing in Diablo 2 will begin on the second and third playthroughs, when the character will encounter familiar locations, but much more complex dangerous monsters and bosses, and some levels will need to be completed long and painstakingly.

Here is a high quality in-game Diablo 4 clip:

The third part of the famous series will be based on the events that take place 20 years after the players’ victory over the ferocious Baal, Diablo’s brother.

The game will have Deckard Kane, familiar and recognizable to the players, who will become one of the key figures for the advancement of the game plot and the cause of the story from the third part of Diablo.

The meteorite falls to the ground, which forces players to leave Deckard Kane and go looking for three fragments of the relic and collect them into a single sword, which will help inflict decisive damage on evil in the region. The old man Kane, known from the previous parts, will be vilely killed, and the players will have to take revenge on the sorceress, who started this whole story.

Diablo 4 is coming out in July of this year and players can already get acquainted with the gameplay and storyline, which will continue the story where the plot of the third part left off.

The entire chronology of events can be stretched from part to part and get a complete story, which in the end may even be filmed.

Players can even go through the history of the second Diablo on their own by simply playing a remake – familiar to everyone Diablo with updated graphics and minor changes to the interface and world. In general, the canonicity of the story is preserved.

As for the fourth and currently the final part, in the future we should expect the format familiar to players from previous versions – a subsequent addition with new heroes and an update of the story.

So it was in all parts, and often the class was added, which was most lacking not only for single, but also cooperative passage.

Play all heroes, including new ones – adding characters is always an opportunity to gain new experience and try the game again, from a different perspective.