Why you shouldn’t fly after 3 in the afternoon and other tricks for your plane tickets

The following tips will help you save time and money on your next plane trip.

Photo: Joshua Woroniecki/Pixabay

There is no doubt that life came to change us completely after more than 2 years of pandemic due to the Covid, being those who have most resisted these changes to the so-called “new normality” the people who were frequent travelers.

Although little by little everything seems to indicate that we are returning to our lives prior to 2020, the truth is that having to spend so much time at home can make traveling right now a not entirely pleasant experience due to the lack of personnel in the airlines, change in flight regulations, long queues and many hours of waiting at airports, among other details, all derived from the coronavirus.

For all those travelers who are somewhat predisposed and not so convinced about taking a trip, especially by plane, the latest Air Travel Hacks 2023 report from Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and Expedia, published last wednesday It can be of great help before planning the next plane trips, international or domestic.

The report analyzed data from millions of passengers and more than 200,000 daily flights, rthus revealing some important trends that can save you a lot of money if you plan to take a plane trip next year.

Tricks to buy plane tickets without spending a lot of money and your trip is pleasant

1) Never make an air reservation for a Friday, since it is the day of the week in which the prices are usually higher.

two) Do not wait until the last to buy a plane ticket. Those who book domestic travel a month in advance can save up to 10%, about the same if they book an international flight six months in advance.

3) Do not book a flight that takes off after 3 in the afternoon because there is a 50% more chance that it will be delayed and a 64% chance that it will be cancelled.

4) The best day of the week to book your airfare is Sunday, when travelers can save 5% on domestic flights and 15% on international flights on average, compared to booking on Friday.

5) The cheapest day to fly is Wednesday, Well, according to this report, you could save up to 15% on the cost of the ticket. Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are the most expensive days.

6) Generally, Sundays are the worst day in terms of cancellations while Wednesdays are the best, but that can change drastically from week to week and when leaving the airport.

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