Widow of Fernando del Solar shows the altar with the ashes of the driver: “Finally home”

Fernando del Solar He died on June 30 at the age of 49 due to severe pneumonia. After the funeral attended by friends and family to say goodbye, the driver’s body was cremated as was his last wish. On the afternoon of last Saturday, July 2, his ashes returned to what was his home together with Ana Ferro, who showed what the altar she placed in memory of her husband looks like.

Through her Instagram account, the widow of Fernando del Solar shared a photograph of the space in which the ashes of the presenter rest, whom she married last March.

At last home… then to the sea. My beautiful being of light, my love“He wrote next to the photograph of the altar in which the white urn surrounded by flowers appears.

During an interview with various media, Ana Ferro shared that she would take Fernando del Solar’s ashes to her home and they will remain there for a few days and then be scattered in the sea like those of her father who died 12 days earlier.

“I keep them (her ashes) for a moment, because then we will take Norberto, his father, who didn’t give us time either, Norberto and Fer, to the sea, as the two of them wanted“, revealed.

He also explained that said decision was made in accordance with the beliefs of the Argentine communicator, who asked that his body not be cremated immediately after his death.

“(He wanted) me to cremate him, that he be veiled for a few days because he believed that he could visit everyone, that he not be cremated immediately and that was what he wanted and what he asked for is being fulfilled”.

At that time, he stated that the family was still agreeing on where they would take the ashes of the driver and his father, since both deaths occurred very quickly.

Ana Ferro confirmed that Fernando del Solar lost his life as a result of pneumonia that began with a normal flu, but worsened because his lungs were affected after facing cancer, for which he underwent 20 radiations and 59 chemotherapies.

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