Wild fight in the New York Subway: passenger stabbed and thrown onto the tracks in Times Square by young man recently released twice

Several NYC Subway stations converge in Times Square

Photo: Mariela Lombard / El Diario

A young recidivist, who was released without bail for two other recent stabbings, struck again yesterday morning, repeatedly stabbing a man in a central Times Square (NYC) subway station and pushing him onto the tracks..

According to police sources, the 27-year-old convict got into a fight with a 52-year-old man around 11:40 a.m. Wednesday on the N line platform, for unknown reasons. During the brawl, stabbed the lord twice in the back and once in the neck and then pushed him onto the tracks, said the police.

The victim did not make contact with a train and officers used a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. “They saved his life,” said a traffic officer to the New York Post.

The unidentified injured man was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition after leaving bloodstains at the scene, where the police recovered a knife.

The assailant, who was also not identified, is expected to be charged with assassination attempt. Was his third arrest for stabbing in less than five months, police sources said.

He was arrested on July 31 for allegedly stabbing a man in Brooklyn. Then, it was again on November 10 for wounding a kitchen worker in the head at a restaurant in Lower Manhattan. In both cases, he was released without the right to bail., under Judge Lumarie Maldonado-Cruz.

“How do you free someone after two stabbings?” Asked a Manhattan cop rhetorically. “This is the third time he has stabbed someone in less than six months. Innocent people are not safe in New York. “

In the recent past, various factors that analysts, union leaders, politicians and citizens themselves have linked to the rise of violence Are the controversial bail reforms in NY state in force since January 2020 with the support of then-Governor Andrew Cuomo; the massive liberation of prisoners to avoid contagion by the coronavirus; the mental health crisis with more homelessness on the streets and the Metro; and the reduction of funds to the police promoted by Mayor Bill De Blasio and the City Council.