Will Dark Desire premiere third season?

The Serie dark desire from Netflix It premiered two years ago and although two seasons are already available, fans are not satisfied. Currently the public is wondering if the production has plans for a third season.

This series is surprising and addictive as it combines romance with secrets and toxic relationships. It is a fiction that has sensuality but is also quite dark, which makes it perfect for a marathon.

On February 2 we were able to see the premiere of its second season, in which we met again with Maite Perroni, Alejandro Speitzer and the rest of the cast, but new members came to add even more flavor.

One of them is Catherine Siachoque, who plays Lys Antoine, the supposed literature teacher of Darío Guerra (Alex Speitzer).

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Dark Desire Will Dark Desire have a season 3?

The new chapters invited us to discover how the characters have spent the last few months. Thus, we see Alma putting all her efforts into trying to overcome her obsession with Darío.

To do this, he joined a group therapy program, but his progress went to waste when the shadow of the young man reappeared in his life. And, as if that were not enough, in the most hurtful way possible, through a wedding invitation from his ex to his new girlfriend.

Will Dark Desire have a season 3?

Will Dark Desire have a season 3?

The followers must be willing that Netflix or any of those involved in the project confirm it but the truth is that, for the moment, everything points to the production of Dark Desire ending here.

Or at least that is what the leading actress, Maite Perroni, has implied in her interview with the popular Mexican program First Hand, where she clarified that the new chapters closed the story cycle and the characters.

In addition, as if that were not enough, she commented that she was already involved in a new project with the creator of Dark desire, Leticia López Margali, of which they could soon advance some details.