Will Grupo Firme have its own reality show? This is what is known

It has transpired that Firm Group is looking to have a closer relationship with their fans, so they would be planning to launch their reality showwhich will follow them on tour and in their personal lives.

In AmericanPost.News We let you know that this project is already being planned and although it was born as a joke, now its members are very excited.

Let us remember that Grupo Firme has become one of the greatest exponents of the Mexican regional and now monopolizes the entertainment news, due to its constant successes.

Grupo Firme will launch its reality show

Grupo Firme would launch its reality show with 13 chapters. Who are the members of Grupo Firme?

The journalist Luis Magaña revealed that Grupo Firme, led by its vocalist Eduin Caz, is already finalizing the details of its next reality show, although so far the band has not made any statements in this regard.

This new project consists of 13 chapters and the producers are already in negotiations with a streaming platform for its transmission.

Although no further details about its launch date are known so far, they assure that the reality show will follow the personal lives of all the members of Grupo Firme, as well as the most special moments in their careers.

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Who makes up Grupo Firme?

Who are the members of Grupo Firme?

The Mexican regional band is made up of Eduin Caz as leader and lead singer, AB Luna, Jhonny Caz, Joaquín Ruiz, Dylan Camacho, Fito Rubio and Christian Téllez.

Currently they carry out “Enfiestados y Amanecidos”, with which they have been presented in Mexico and the United States.

Next September 15, Firm Group will have a presentation in Las Vegas in order to celebrate the Independence of Mexico with countrymen in the United States and later return to their country, to be presented on September 23 and 24 in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

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