Will it still be in Los Angeles? Carlos Vela the most coveted free agent

Carlos Vela had a difficult season at Los Angeles FC

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While Major League Soccer (MLS) comes to an end and while a host of teams seek to win the title, several players and coaches terminate their contracts with their franchises, including Mexican striker Carlos Vela.

Between injuries and poor performance, Sailing’s season was not as expected considering that he was called to be the central figure of Los Angeles FC, a team that was left out of the Mexican soccer postseason.

Even though he has given winks of wanting to stay in Los Angeles FC, the “Bomber” has nothing decided regarding his future. On December 31 his contract with the club ends and the forward and the club show no signs of wanting to renew their contractual relationship, despite the fact that Carlos Vela continues to be an idol in the city.

After the failure of the Los Angeles club, the sincere and honest statements -as is his personality- from Carlos Vela did not wait. At your discretion, In the team, several things must be changed and the level raised further.

“This year was not what was expected on a personal and collective level. People and colleagues expected more from me. One leaves annoyed with the season, because I was not there, when the team needed me, “he declared at a press conference.

In the same meeting with journalists, he stressed that he has a “thirst for revenge” to improve his levelHowever, Los Angeles FC has not yet made him a contract extension offer.

One of the factors that affected Vela was the pandemic. Before her, he scored two goals in his first two games, but when he returned to the pitch, he did not do well and there have been more games that he has seen from the stands than in which he has been able to be.

Far are the numbers of envy of the Mexican forward when in 2017 he was announced as a franchise player and central figure of an ambitious project. Their 14 goals and 13 assists in 28 games also earned him to participate in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Waiting for what the Angelina directive decides, Vela’s spirits for revenge do not fade: “I came to MLS to win the title and I couldn’t do it. It’s something I still have in store. I will continue working, if I continue in this team and I will not stop ”.

Carlos Vela interested in Liga MX

As much as his last season was not what he expected, Vela’s numbers in MLS are impressive. In 98 crashes he has delivered 69 assists and 36 goals scored.

Therefore, he has a poster and a lot for different teams in the MX League to venture into hiring him and paying for his not-so-thrifty contract. One of them is Chivas de Guadalajara.

The attacker left the rojiblanca quarry and would be a reinforcement that would reconcile Ricardo Peláez and Amaury Vergara with the fans, TV Azteca reported.

Another club that would be probing his hiring are the Rayados de Monterrey, who are used to bringing great Aztec figures back to Mexico, an example of this is the current coach Javier “El vasco” Aguirre.

There is also talk of an interest in America. The leadership of the Eagles would be looking to take over Vela to form a fearsome attack and thus opt for all the titles.

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