Will MasterChef Celebrity have a second season?

On December 17, the final of MasterChef Celebrity and it was such a success that fans of the reality they wonder if there will be a second season and even though Aztec tv He has not given dates, it is believed that next year there will be a second season.

The program is characterized by its various editions and multiple installments, where we have seen from children to celebrities.

Considering the great success of the reality show MasterChef Celebrity, which has been one of the most watched and most loved installments, the public is asking for a second season.

MasterChef Celebrity Mexico

Fans of the kitchen reality call for second season The final of MasterChef Celebrity was lived on December 17

Such was the affection that the participants won that users on social networks asked for a second season of MasterChef Celebrity.

On this possibility, the television station TV Azteca has not commented, although it is likely that the demands of the viewers will promote the possibility of a new installment of the reality show.

Let’s remember that the kitchen reality show has had different versions and several seasons of each one.

In social networks Internet users have expressed their wishes for another season like this and it is said that the television station would not miss the opportunity to have another success and although a second season is expected, no date has been confirmed.

Final MasterChef

The final of MasterChef Celebrity was lived on December 17

In AmericanPost.News We have told you how the end of MasterChef Celebrity was experienced, which had the singer Germán Montero as the winner.

In the final Paco Chacón, Paty Navidad and Stephanie Salas faced each other, however the Mexican regional singer was the great winner.

However, not all the public was satisfied, as there were also those who thought that the award was deserved by Paco Chacón, because throughout the season he showed great skills in the kitchen.

However, while waiting for the second season of MasterChef Celebrity, the next confirmed edition will be in the “Junior” format.

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