Will Neymar reach the Premier League? Chelsea and Newcastle watch intently

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The rumors do not stop around the figure of the Brazilian star and his future within PSG. Apparently the sheikhs of Paris are not satisfied with the life that the man trained in Santos leads and would be willing to take a step to the coast and let him out.

Faced with this reality, Premier League clubs would be willing to “fish in a troubled river” and take over the services of the soccer player from Canarinho, who still has a lot to prove

Newcastle wants to tempt Neymar and Chelsea raises its hand

The French magazine FourFourTwo reported on the interest of Chelsea and its new owner for Neymar. Todd Bohely, new owner of the blues, would be delighted to sign him and bring football and much more to the club.

From the core of Chelsea, they still see a lot of football quality in the Amazon and also consider it an important marketing element that could sell shirts when they arrive at Stamford Bridge.

It should be noted that before signing for FC Barcelona, ​​Neymar rejected the then Roman Abramovich team on two occasions. This refusal was presumably due to Ney’s childhood dream of dressing in the Barça colors, a fact that also led him to reject Real Madrid.

For its part, the new administration of Newcastle would also be following in the footsteps of Neymar. In this case, Sheikh Bin Salman would be offering 60 million dollars and the signing of Lucas Paquetá.

The sheikh would like to convince Ney to join two compatriots in case of closing the purchase of Paquetá, who would join Bruno Guimarâes. It is important to note that the club of “La Hurracas” has become the most powerful in the world, however they have been cautious in the transfer market, also due to the refusal of some players who do not have confidence in the project.

Bad relationship with Mbappé?

Despite all this speculation, Neymar has said that he will fulfill his contract in the French capital.

But the rumors not only come only about the next team in which the South American footballer will play, there is also speculation about a bad locker room relationship with Mbappé. In this sense, it is said that the recently renewed by PSG would not look badly on a transfer from former Barcelona to another club.

But for now everything is speculation, Neymar has a campaign ahead in which he wants to regain confidence and later take the six-time championship with Brazil in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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