Will Roger del Águila be the replacement for Raúl Romero in the leadership of ‘Habacilar’? Know all the details

Very little is missing for the premiere of the new version of ‘Habacilar’, the game show that marked an entire generation in the country; However, it has not yet been confirmed who will be in charge of driving, but Roger del Águila has been in charge of arousing rumors during this week.

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The remembered co-host of Raúl Romero shared a video a few days ago that confirmed him as the official host of the entertainment program of America Televisionbut many would indicate that it would be one more joke from the creator of the ‘baile del chivito’.

“Confirmed. Roger del Águila will be the new host of ‘Habacilar’ 2022, he will be accompanied by former models Thalía Estabridis and Traicy Freundt”says the publication reposted by the artist on his official Instagram account.

@faranducha Roger Del Águila will be the new driver of Habacilar 2022, he will be accompanied by former models Thalía Estabridis and Trayci Freundt #Habacilar #EEG ♬ Los Patos y las Patas – Nosequien y los Nosecuantos

Without a doubt, this story caused the joy of the followers of ‘Habacilar’, but the producers of the program do not confirm this information.

Following Roger’s post, his colleague and friend Maju Mantilla assured that the exanimador would be the new host of ‘Habacilar’, replacing Raúl Romero.

“I want him to come back, my friend and my ex-partner Roger del Águila, I want him to be. I am sure because I have proof, I know that he will soon be here in Pachacamac for this program ”he pointed Mantilla during the transmission of theOn everyone’s lips’.

Those who have confirmed their presence in the program were the remembered models Tracy Freundt and Thalia Estabridis.

“(I am) happy, excited. To be recording promos for the show is a dream. Meeting the production team, too.”stated Estabridis during the recordings of the program’s presentation.

“Let’s have fun and remember that beautiful time”assured.

Let’s remember that Roger of the Eagle He has been away from television for several years. He is currently a healing medium, dedicated to healing people’s spirits. According to him, he has contact with beings from another dimension.


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