Will Smith and Lobo Vásquez appear dancing together in Guatemala

american actor Will Smith shocked his followers by sharing that he had a recent visit to Guatemalawhere he did not miss the opportunity to dance with Rodolfo “Lobo” Vásquezthe Guatemalan who has gone viral on social media thanks to his spectacular dance moves.

As we inform you in AmericanPost.NewsWill Smith is recording part of his series “Welcome to Earth 2” in Guatemala, so in the video he shared on his Instagram account he shows how he had the opportunity to live with several Guatemalans, including Vásquez, who he conquered the internet through his impressive way of dancing.

Likewise, the actor who is currently nominated for an Oscar 2022 for his work in “King Richard”, walked through the streets of Antigua, Guatemala and met some important points of that Central American country.

Will Smith and Lobo Vásquez star in dance

In the short video that Smith published, it is shown how he tries to follow the unique dance steps of Lobo Vásquez, since the man won the affection of Internet users for his attitude and talent when sharing his dancing videos.

The actor and Vásquez had a fun time together/Photo: Instagram

The newspaper Prensa Libre spoke with Lobo Vásquez so that he could tell about his experience of meeting and dancing with Will Smith, who performed the steps that Lobo indicated. “It was a pure coincidence of fate. It turns out that I was casually working somewhere in Antigua, since they had hired me for an event, ”she explained.

“Precisely he was there too and because of the noise we went with my wife to see what was happening. When I went to see what was happening, the people who knew me told him who I was. So he spoke to me from a translator he had of his production and in the end he started dancing with meor”, said the Guatemalan who will possibly appear in Smith’s new series.

What is the name of the song that the wolf Vasquez dances to?

The song to which “El Lobo” Vázquez, 50, danced was “Danger”, by the American band The Flirts and the video was sent to a Facebook page in his country to compete in the so-called “Covid Dance 2020”, Thanks to this video, the Guatemalan went viral, so much so that he was able to dance with Will Smith.

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