Will Smith goes viral on TikTok after throwing off a gas in the middle of training: “I relaxed ALL my muscles”

The renowned actor Will Smith He did not hesitate to share on TikTok the funny moment he spent during a training session with the Miami Dolphins of the NFL. The star of In Pursuit of Happiness blew herself up while performing stretching exercises, unleashing laughter from everyone present.

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In the video, Will Smith is seen on his knees on the floor while stretching the muscles of his arm, when from one moment to another the loud sound alerts everyone present. “Oh, sorry for this”, is the only thing the actor can say.

Will Smith: “I relaxed ALL my muscles”

Everything seems to indicate that the interpreter of Men in Black was making a recording, since inside the gym of the American football team there were cameras and personnel with recording equipment.

To the laughter of those present, Will Smith even dared to ask about the showers in the place. The video that accompanies the recording has the following description:They said relax ALL my muscles and apparently that’s what he did.

The star of The Prince of Rap is one of the most active American actors on social networks, with Instagram and TikTok being the platforms where he shares the most content.



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