Will Smith joins the premieres

  • Sex and the City joins the premieres on digital platforms.
  • December enters and with many options to watch on your tv or cell phone.
  • Will Smith could not be missing from the list.

Upcoming Netflix DisneyPlus releases. Netflix is ​​the streaming platform preferred by many, as it is always on the lookout for new series and movies so that its follower audience always has news to see, which is why it has been a highly sought-after platform in recent times.

After his arrival, many companies have established themselves in the world of streaming, opening the doors to HBO Max, Disney +, Star +, Amazon Prime Video among many platforms plus some are only for children’s content and the rest for the whole family, without a doubt technology has come a long way.

December is full of premieres on streaming platforms

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The month where the holidays begin has arrived and together with it it brings several premieres on digital platforms, new series and movies that you can enjoy either in company or if it is your preference only you. Without a doubt it is a month in which thousands of families take the opportunity to be together and why not enjoy a relaxed moment of leisure with a huge bowl of popcorn.

Digital streaming platforms offer endless movies and series that you can watch, but they are always aware of their audience and seek to provide the best content to their consumers, best of all, both Netflix and Amazon Prime, Disney + among others Most offer accessible packages and according to your preference. I invite you to know the next releases on these platforms for this month.

The film ‘Encounter’ will be one of the next releases on Amazon Prime

Upcoming Netflix DisneyPlus releases
Photo: Amazon Prime

Following his recent Oscar nomination, Riz Ahmed joins “Beast” director Michael Pearce for “Encounter,” a family drama about an alien invasion that hits Amazon Prime Video on Friday, December 10. Ahmed plays a former Marine with a series of problems that only get worse when he suspects that his ex-wife, with whom he has two children, may have been infected by aliens.

What starts out as a simple sci-fi adventure takes on a life of its own as a family drama, a choice some might disagree with. Everything is fun and contains some interesting ideas. What starts out as, what appears to be, a standard sci-fi invasion movie turns into something completely different in half, and in my opinion, it was so much better for that.

‘Unforgivable’ is a movie that you can enjoy on the Netflix platform. Upcoming Netflix DisneyPlus releases

Upcoming Netflix DisneyPlus releases
Photo: Netflix

Ruth Slater played by Sandra Bullock has been released from prison after being locked up for 15 years for a violent crime: a double homicide in which he killed two police officers, responsible for the eviction of her family from the country house where they lived . What begins as an attempt to rebuild his life with his sister, will soon turn into a whirlwind of emotions in search of revenge.

To quench the thirst that has not stopped tormenting her during those fifteen years, Slater will focus his goal on transmitting all the pain that she has suffered through the children of those responsible for her misfortunes. Her destiny will be the cold and merciless revenge that takes her sleep away from that fateful day when her life and inner nature changed to give way to anger and violence in this intense drama. Filed Under: Netflix DisneyPlus Upcoming Releases.

For something lighter and more familiar, Netflix also has the animated tape ‘Back to the Outback’

For something lighter and more familiar, Netflix also has the animated tape 'Back to the Outback'
Photo: Netflix

Tired of being locked in a terrarium where humans gape at them like monsters, a diverse group of Australia’s deadliest creatures hatches a reckless escape from the zoo to the Outback, a place where they’ll fit in without being judged by their scales and fangs. It opens on Friday, December 10.

But when his arch nemesis, Pretty Boy, a cute but obnoxious koala, unexpectedly joins his escape, Maddie and her gang have no choice but to take him with them. So begins a creepy and hilarious road trip through Australia, as they are chased by the zoo keeper and his mini-me in search of adventure.

‘Diff’rent Strokes’ and ‘The Facts of Life’ are a pair of series returning to ABC. Upcoming Netflix DisneyPlus releases

'Diff'rent Strokes' and 'The Facts of Life' are a pair of series returning to ABC
Photo: ABC Network

‘Diff’rent Strokes’ starred Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges as Arnold and Willis Jackson, two African-American boys from Harlem who are taken in by a wealthy businessman named Phillip Drummond (played by Conrad Bain) and his daughter. Kimberly (Dana Plato). During the first season and part of the second, Charlotte Rae played the role of the Drummonds’ housekeeper, Mrs. Edna Garrett.

In ‘The Facts of Life’ Larry and Kitty begin to realize that they are very much in love. But there is a major problem: they are both married to other couples. To do this, they had two comedy greats: Lucille Bal and Bob Hope, the feature film did very well at the box office and won an Oscar for best costumes. It was also awarded four nominations, including best screenplay. Both will air in a special Tuesday night on ABC.

You can enjoy the Will Smith series ‘Welcome to Earth’ on Disney +

You can enjoy the Will Smith series 'Welcome to Earth'
Photo: Disney +

‘Welcome to Earth’ is a documentary series narrated by Will Smith in which he embarks on a journey around the world to discover the most extraordinary and inexplicable phenomena of nature. In each episode, Smith is guided by National Geographic explorers who travel to different corners of the world to see the strangest, most dangerous, unusual and exciting shows on the planet.

It’s a six-part limited series that premieres Wednesday on Disney +. With scientists and explorers by his side, the actor visits natural wonders including an Icelandic glacier, an erupting volcano, and a Great Barrier Reef island that has special appeal for sharks and turtles. Filed Under: Netflix DisneyPlus Upcoming Releases.

‘And Just Like That’ the sequel to ‘Sex and the City’ that you can enjoy on HBO Max

'And Just Like That' the sequel to 'Sex And The City'
Photo: HBO Max

‘And Just Like’ That shows Sex and the City’s Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte return, without Samantha, to face Manhattan in their 50s. Carrie and Big begin an affair behind the back of the 26-year-old Ralph Lauren executive, with the predictable and horrible consequences of this fact. The fiction, based on the book of the same name, takes a look at love life from all angles: marriage, children, divorce, and also shows the pressure that women undergo to maintain their youth and have it all.

The cast is joined by Sara Ramirez, Sarita Choudhury and Nicole Ari Parker. The first two episodes premiere on the streaming service on Thursday. If what you like is an adult comedy sequel, consider this 10-episode series which can be found on HBO Max.

Of course, the famous series ‘La casa de papel’ could not be missing in its fifth season volume 2

Of course, the famous series 'La casa de papel' could not be missing in its fifth season volume 2
Photo: Netflix

For those who are fans of the series returns in its season number 5 volume 2, it was undoubtedly a series that gave a lot to talk about and left more than one chapter after chapter fascinated. Initially produced by Antena 3, it was broadcast on the Spanish private network during its first two seasons but, seeing the success, Netflix arrived and bought the rights to the Spanish production.

The Band has been locked up in the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours, they have managed to rescue Lisbon but are experiencing one of their worst moments after having lost one of their own. The Professor has been captured by Sierra and, for the first time, has no plan to escape. When it seems that nothing can get worse, a new enemy will arrive much more powerful than any of the previous ones: the army. The end of the biggest robbery in history is near and what began as a robbery is now transformed into a war.

‘Emily in Paris’ in its second season is a series that you can see on Netflix one of the streaming platforms

'Emily in Paris' in its second season
Photo: Netflix

Upcoming Netflix DisneyPlus releases. Now that she is more settled in Paris, Emily is getting better and better in the city, although she is still adjusting to French customs. After finding herself involved in a love triangle with her neighbor and her first French friend, she is determined to focus on her job, which is getting more and more difficult every day. In French class, Emily meets an expat who makes her very nervous, but also piques her curiosity.

Emily will have to make “some surprisingly difficult decisions. Not everything will be what it seems. It’s always about challenging your American worldview. We have a lot of forks in the road and places to go. Lily Collins and the rest of the team have traveled to Paris, specifically to the Louvre Museum, to shoot new sequences of the series.

And of course the funniest sheep joins the list this holiday season with ‘Shaun the Sheep: The flight Before Christmas’

'Shaun the Sheep: The flight Before Christmas' streaming platforms
Photo: Netflix

Shaun the sheep displays human intelligence, creativity and a temperament typical of a situational comedy, with conflicts that must be resolved between all the animals on the farm, before the farmer comes. Shaun’s excitement for the Christmas season crumbles when Timmy inadvertently disappears. Can Shaun find Timmy before he becomes someone’s gift?

Do not stay with the doubt and find out through Netflix, without a doubt Shaun the sheep is one of the favorite characters for many, because how can we forget the great adventures that he lived in the series without counting the infinity of mischief that he came to carry out like this that you already imagine how fun this will be.

For music lovers there are also releases for this month on Spotify

Upcoming Netflix DisneyPlus releases
Photo: Spotify

Juice Wrld may be gone, but he’s far from forgotten. “Fighting Demons,” the second posthumous album by the Chicago rapper who passed away two years ago, will be released on Friday, December 10th. The first single, “Already Dead,” debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard‘s Popular R & B / Hip Hop Songs chart.

Alicia Keys will release not one but two albums this winter. “Keys”, which will be released on Friday, December 10, will be a double album, with one half titled “Originals”, in which she sings relaxed accompanied by piano, and the other half titled “Unlocked”, with the same songs performed with ” optimism, battery and level vibrations ”. Filed Under: Netflix DisneyPlus Upcoming Releases.

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