Will Smith returns to the big screen

After the incident between the actors Will Smith Y Chris Rock during the Oscars, the protagonist of “The Prince of Rap in Bel-Air” will return to the big screen as producer of a new movie that we will soon be able to see in the cinema.

In this context in American Post News We remind you that, half a year ago, Will Smith got up from his seat to slap Chris Rock, who as part of his comedy sketch made a comment about Smith’s wife, making fun of her alopecia.

Before this moment, the academy decided to veto the actor Will Smith for the next 10 years, in which he will not be able to attend such famous awards, however it should be clarified that both actors apologized for what happened and smoothed things over, leaving what happened in a misunderstanding

Will Smith’s new movie

Actor Will Smith Will Smith in the movie “Men in Black”

Will Smith’s new film project will come out of the collaboration that he will carry out with the help of paramountwhich is why it is expected to be a spectacular production as this would mark his return to the world of cinema.

Notwithstanding the movie which will be named “Brilliance”will be based on the novel of the same name and will be directed by director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

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When did Will Smith’s career begin?

Will Smith in the movie “The Men in Black”

Artist Will Smith began his acting career by starring in the 1980 series “The Prince of Rap in Bel-Air”in which he played a young man who is sent to his uncle’s house who lived in a luxurious house in Bel-Air, after a series of problems that his character had in the neighborhood where he lived.

This series was on the air for a long time, so his work as an actor grew, until he reached the cinema playing one of the protagonists of the film. “Men in Black”.

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