Will Smith visited a tantric sex expert and turned to drugs after Jada Pinkett split

Will Smith visited a tantric sex expert and turned to drugs after parting ways with Jada Pinkett, as revealed in his new book , “Will.”

Will Smith confessed that he resorted 14 times to ayahuasca, an indigenous drink used in traditional medicine.

In the writing, the actor also revealed that he visited a shaman for psychotropic tea after temporarily separating from his wife Jada Pinkett .

“It was floating in the depths of outer space … it was billions of light years from Earth,” wrote Will Smith.

Smith said he also visited Trinidad where he met Michaela Boehm, a counselor who specializes in tantric sex .

When Boehm asked the actor what would make him happy, he replied, “Have a harem.”

Jada and Smith were finally back together, however Will recently revealed that both he and his wife now have a more open marriage.

Last year, singer August Alsina claimed that he had been in a relationship with Jada with Will Smith’s permission; Although at the time she denied it, it was later confirmed.

Will Smith

In an interview for his web talk show “Red Table Talk,” he said that he had had an “affair” with the singer.

Why did Will Smith and Jada Pinkett temporarily break up?

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett married in 1997 and temporarily separated in 2011.

The couple broke up after Jada Pinkett’s 40th birthday party hosted by Will Smith in Santa Fe.

Will Smith documented the celebration and included recordings of his wife’s late grandmother in the video.

Will Smith in movie scene recording

He hired Jada Pinkett’s favorite artists to make custom paintings, hosted golf events, a lavish dinner and a surprise performance by Mary J. Blige for the three-day celebration.

According to Will Smith, his wife did not show appreciation or react, after the celebration, “I was the perfect husband,” said Will Smith.

Will Smith claimed that Jada Pinkett even asked him to cancel the rest of the activities.

After what happened, he told Jada Pinkett , who was “retiring” from trying to make her happy.

Will Smith and his book "Will"

Currently the couple is back together; meanwhile, Will Smith continues to work; He launched the autobiographical book “Will” on Tuesday and his film “King Richard” will premiere on November 19.