Will there be a future food shortage?

The other day, I went to the supermarket early. And when I went to put a can of evaporated milk in the cart, an older woman came up to ask me if I was María Marín. She barely had a resounding “yes” out of my mouth, when she hugged me and said that she follows my career since I started in radio.

We got to talking and ended up talking about what she had in her cart. I had about 10 cans of tuna, six cans of chicken, and pasta. “I came here early to take advantage of the special two-for-one sale and thus save money, because this is going to get really ugly,” he told me while he frowned the furrows on his forehead as a sign of great concern. “If there is something that I have learned very well at my 78 years, it is that when the river sounds, you have to prepare,” added Doña Nancy.

He was referring to the noisy river of international uncertainty that has not stopped bringing blows, stones and whirlpools since the pandemic engulfed the world in 2020. Beyond illness and death, there was talk of other consequences, such as economic and food crises. But nobody imagined that when the Covid seemed to be under control, a war in Ukraine would complicate everything, with increases in gasoline and a shortage of fertilizers.

According to experts, the lack of fertilizers is the clearest sign of a future food shortage, reducing current crops by up to half. We know what is happening, because we hear the news and the bank account seems to convulse when paying for gasoline, rent and food; For many, eating has become a luxury. And with a scenario like this, the wisest thing is to “listen to the river” and be cautious.

It is not that you rush out to fill a cart with 100 cans of beans, 20 bags of rice and 50 kilos of sugar. It is that, according to your economic situation, you make a plan to face a food emergency, just as you would in the event of a hurricane or snowfall. Store food and vital products for your family such as medicines, vitamins and diapers (for babies and the elderly). According to planning experts, buying five additional products each time you go to the market will provide you with a good long-term reserve.

That morning, Doña Nancy and I said goodbye with another hug, I looked for what was missing from my list and bought about 10 additional products to start a reservation… Let’s listen to the river!

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