William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas face a very serious problem on the set of “Vuelve a mí”.

Levy and Zendejas face on-set laughter challenges amidst off-screen romance rumors for Telemundo's 'Vuelve a mí'.

The world of telenovelas often sparks intrigue both on and off the screen. The recent pairing of William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas for Telemundo’s upcoming “Vuelve a mí” is no exception, generating waves of attention and speculation. Amidst romance rumors, both actors shed light on a unique problem they face on set.

For months now, whispers have surrounded Levy and Zendejas, with many convinced their on-screen chemistry has spilled into their personal lives. It’s a narrative that became especially tantalizing after the duo was reportedly spotted near a hotel, an observation made public by the magazine TVNotas. Since then, this saga has seen its share of twists and turns, not least of which was Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Levy’s former partner and the mother of his children, potentially hinting at the rumored relationship through indirect comments.

Behind the Scenes: Laughter Takes Center Stage

Zendejas, affectionately referred to as ‘Ojitos Bonitos’ by Levy, recently took viewers on an intimate tour of the telenovela’s set via a video posted on ‘Hoy Día.’ This behind-the-scenes look offered fans a unique perspective, capturing everything from casual interactions with the crew to deeper moments with cast members.


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However, the highlight of this tour was the candid interaction between the leading duo. Together, they illuminated the “very serious problem” they faced on set. “We are always laughing,” Levy confessed. Far from the grave issue fans might have expected, it’s their uncontrollable fits of giggles that often disrupt scenes.

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As they navigate this challenge, Zendejas reveals their unique strategy to stay in character: “We turn away, and when we need to face each other, I tell him: ‘Look at my cheek.’ That way, we avoid direct eye contact.” This strategy, while amusing, underscores the genuine connection between the two, something that is evident throughout the video. Levy humorously notes that there are scenes where they intentionally avoid looking at each other to prevent an outbreak of laughter.

The telenovela "Vuelve a mí" will star William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas.
The telenovela “Vuelve a mí” will star William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas.

A Waiting Audience

Fans and followers have been quick to comment on the undeniable rapport between the stars. Observations such as “They laugh so much because they like each other” and “The way William looks at her” are just a few of the countless speculations flooding social media.

Yet, amidst all the speculations and rumors, the core team remains dedicated to their craft, ensuring “Vuelve a mí” will be a memorable offering for viewers. As fans eagerly anticipate the series’ debut, Telemundo is all set to premiere “Vuelve a mí” on Monday, October 9th at 9 p.m. EST. With the compelling narrative, combined with the undeniable chemistry between Levy and Zendejas, the telenovela promises to be an unforgettable experience.