William Levy confirms leading role in ‘Montecristo’ with Pantaya

William Levy will be the protagonist of a new version of ‘Monte Cristo’.

Photo: Pantaya / Courtesy

William Levy He has just confirmed that his new project is a new version of “Monte Cristo” and it will be with the streaming platform Pantaya.

The 6-episode dramatic thriller is based on the literary classic by Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo. The TV adaptation will be written by the screenwriter Lydia Fraga (‘Método Criminal’) and Jacobo Díaz (‘Método Crimina’), and will be directed by Alberto Ruiz-Rojo, (‘Temperance’, ‘Charon’). The series will be produced by David Martinez, with executive production by Secuoya Studios and Sergio Pizzolante. Levy and his partner Jeff Goldberg They will also be executive producers. The series will premiere on Pantaya in the United States and Puerto Rico.

I have been drawn to the story of the Count of Monte Cristo since my youth. He is a mysterious figure in his quest for justice and revenge, both of which are powerful themes with universal relevance.. I am very excited to work with Secuoya Studios and Pantaya to tell this story in a way that has not been done before,” said William Levy.

In ‘Montecristo’, Levy plays Alejandro Montecristo, an enigmatic figure who breaks into the public eye and causes concern among the world elite because the origin of his fortune and his past are unknown. He is the founder and CEO of a new technology company that has aroused the envy and interest of many, including Fernando Álvarez Mondego, a businessman related to the Spanish aristocracy who wants to acquire the Montecristo company. What Fernando doesn’t know is that Montecristo is someone he met decades ago and the reason for his rise is purely fueled by revenge.

“Montecristo is our latest modernized premium quality classic. It is a story of revenge and passion with unforgettable characters. This new version of that timeless plot has been masterfully conceived. We achieved an alliance almost as perfect as the protagonist’s revenge,” said Mario Almeida, director of content at Pantaya.

“We are extremely proud of our list of multiple projects with Pantaya and William, both of whom are an integral part of our expansion plan in the Americas and the world,” said David Martínez, director of Fiction, and Sergio Pizzolante, representative in the United States and Latin America of Secuoya Studios, respectively.

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