William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez back together: romantic getaway in Spain, confirmed by the vineyard president

It seems that in the heat of the Spanish wines, Elizabeth Gutiérrez and William Levy may have resumed their relationship. Reconciliation in sight, this is something that only time will tell.

Actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez and Cuban-American actor and model William Levy – Photo: Giorgio Viera / EFE.

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez are still romantically involved. At least, this is what has been rumored in recent weeks. At the beginning of this year, many of us thought their love was over, and both confirmed to some extent that they were no longer together. They were separated! But, recently, they have been seen together in a vineyard in the company of some friends.

The outing has been labeled as a “romantic getaway” since William and Elizabeth did not count, on this occasion, with the company of their children Christopher and Kailey.

Here are some of the images and videos circulating on social networks where William and Elizabeth appear not only together but also smiling. Some say that if their separation was a fact, they probably would not spend so much time together, and in events like this, they would not pose hugging or sitting next to each other.

According to Hola! magazine and the visit to the vineyard were in Spain. Javier Moro, president of the winery, spoke about this moment through his social networks: “Today I had the immense pleasure of receiving in our house, @bodegasemiliomoro, the actor @willevy, who has enjoyed a visit to our vineyard and has been able to learn how we make our wines.”

In another image, he added: “Our doors are always open, wine is our engine and what brings people together. Our president, Javier Moro, explains to the actor, William Levy, how we make our Malleolus”.

It is worth adding that at the time of this writing, it was not officially known whether or not the couple had resumed their relationship. Still, everything seems to indicate that this is already a “fait accompli.”