William Shatner, star of “Star Trek”, will travel to space with Jeff Bezos

William Shatner, star of “Star Trek”, will travel to space with Jeff Bezos

William Shatner.

Photo: Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

There is no doubt that the effort has its reward and the proof of this is the actor William shatner, who will go from having fictitiously traveled to space in the movie “Star Trek” to making it come true next October next to the tycoon Jeff bezos, aboard the New Shepard capsule, of the space company Blue Origin.

The shocking news was spread through the TMZ portal, which within its publication reported that the ship in which the protagonist of the famous film will travel, will take off this October and will remain in space for a duration of 15 minutes.

To be carried out from successful way, William Shatner will have become the oldest person to ever reach space, Well, he recently turned 90 years old.

Despite having made known this historical fact, the exact date of the trip into space is still unknown. However, it is expected to take place in the same way as the first launch of the Bezos company, which occurred on July 20.

In said wayJeff was featured and his brother, Mark Bezos, 18-year-old Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen, who became the youngest person to go into space.

It should be noted that William Shatner’s scheduled trip to space experience will be filmed for the purpose of making a documentary which could be a production for the channel Discovery.

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