William Valdés mom cries in front of her fellow Master Chef Celebrity

  • Do they make fun of him? William Valdés cried for his mother
  • Everything happened in Master Chef Celebrity when he could not contain himself in front of his companions
  • The Cuban revealed that his mother cleans houses

William Valdés cries for his mother. After Paty Navidad let loose in tears a few programs ago for a ‘malicious’ comment, now did William Valdés mock him? The Cuban is one of the participants of the Master Chef Celebrity that is broadcast in Mexico and a confession caused him to shed tears.


For years, the Cuban has tried to ‘make a name’ in the entertainment world by going through a musical group like CNCO, then participating in Univisión and Telemundo programs, until reaching Televisa and now in Azteca in Mexico, however, little is known he knew about his mom.

William Valdés cried for his mother

William Valdés Master Chef Celebrity
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In the third and most recent episode of Master Chef Celebrity, the pressure of celebrities to make the best dishes now took its toll on William Valdés after a few shows ago, Paty Navidad had to listen to ‘nobody loves you’ for not choosing her no one soon in a challenge.

Could it be that the Cuban was the ‘new mockery’? It all happened when the famous were entrusted to cook the famous ‘mole de México’, an emblematic dish that foreigners such as Alicia Machado and William Valdés were afraid to do because they do not consider themselves suitable to prepare it … at that moment, the Cuban burst into tears.

Could it be that they made fun of William Valdés’ mother?

William Valdés cries for his mother

After cooking Mexican mole, William Valdés went to present his dish and his mother came to mind and what seemed to be an innocent scene of success when the judges told him that he did a good job, ended as an emotional love letter to her mother for what she said.

Chef Herrera, known for being relentless, explained to William Valdés that his mole dish was at the ‘limit’ of what is acceptable and that he managed to balance the flavor, however, when he had to give his creation a name, the Cuban he did not avoid talking about immigrants.

William Valdés cries for his mother in front of his fellow Master Chef Celebrity

William Valdés Mom Master Chef Celebrity

“My mole is called ‘Mole without borders’, I believe that in the world there are many borders, there is a lot of lack of respect, zero acceptance and I think that people should try a little mole so that they accept more people, immigrants , to the people who come to fight from a country that is not yours and it occurred to me to put that to it, “said William Valdés when he presented his dish.

“Your mole does taste like Mexico and I think you are already deeply rooted in this country that welcomed you and here the most beautiful thing is that you are learning to love it,” said Chef Betty, who made the Cuban cry with her words and caused him to He will confess that he wants his mother to stop cleaning houses.

William Valdés cries because his mother cleans houses and wishes him to stop doing it

William Valdés mom cries because she cleans houses

William Valdés could not contain his tears at the words of Chef Betty and assured that his main objective is for his mother to stop cleaning houses and assured that he misses his family because he needs them: “I am here to fulfill my dream but also part of that dream that I have is that my mother no longer cleans houses, my mother cleans houses in the United States ”.

The Cuban’s tears also made several of his famous companions cry and even the host Rebecca de Alba asked him for a hug so that he would not feel alone in Mexico, a country to which he arrived since last year and joined the program ‘Venga la Alegría ‘There is still no place for positive comments for his attitude and tantrums, according to people.

People comment on what William Valdés said about his mother

Master Chef Celebrity William Valdés

Before the cry of William Valdés in Master Chef Celebrity, the public that follows the reality show reacted and commented in the video on Instagram: “Beautiful William !! He is a big and beautiful boy inside and out !! Welcome to Mexico ”,“ William a great son’s heart, not only fight for Him ”,“ Very good champion, proud of you ”.

“William talks about José Joel and he’s going badly too”, “God bless you if you support your parents”, “How strong about William” were some of the reactions to the Cuban’s words about his mother who currently lives in the United States. United and to whom he sent some money to support himself along with his work cleaning houses. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WILLIAM VALDÉS IN MASTER CHEF CELEBRITY

Paty Navidad cries MasterChef: The Chapter

Paty Navidad cries MasterChef: The Chapter
Photo: Instagram

Controversy in MasterChef Celebrity! Before the public found out about the contagion of COVID-19, in the forum and the criticism towards Paty Navidad, the soap opera actress lived uncomfortable moments in the program, since a challenge and the ‘sarcastic’ words of a Chef, they made her feel bad and it was evidenced in the program.

The actress Paty Navidad, began to cry in the first chapter of the broadcast (recorded before her contagion), which was broadcast by the TV Azteca chain, at the beginning of the most popular cooking program in Mexico; In that chapter, it is observed how Rebecca de Alba mentions the challenge of that day, where she asked Matilde Obregón and Germán Montero to lead the teams and she was the last to be chosen.

Paty Navidad cries MasterChef: The awkward moment

Paty Navidad cries MasterChef: The awkward moment
Photo: Instagram

Rebecca de Alba began the broadcast, mentioning that that day was the challenge of making teams and one of them would be eliminated, to move on to a special challenge where they could recover. They mentioned that the team captains would be: Matilde Obregón and Germán Montero, who would be in charge of choosing the people who go on the team.

The first to choose an apron was Matilde, leading ‘the reds’ and the next would be Germán Montero, with ‘the blues’. Both began to select their team, while the contestants waited anxiously to know who they would be working with on that team; the stakes revolved around Matilde, as she was taking on the most iconic celebrities, while Germán also had good contestants. Filed Under: Paty Christmas Cries MasterChef

Paty Navidad cries MasterChef: “The last will be the first”

Paty Navidad cries MasterChef: "The last will be the first"
Photo: Instagram

The program began to get tense, as the last participants began to reach out and they were running out of options. It was time to choose the last two contestants from MasterChef Celebrity: Laura Zapata and Paty Navidad. You loved actresses, they stayed in seconds of anguish, until Matilde Obregón chose Laura Zapata, leaving the Sinaloan as the last to be chosen … and almost by force.

Germán Montero, somewhat saddened, mentioned the name of Paty Navidad, saying that he was going to choose her. The Christmas face was absolutely uncomfortable, since it had been seen that if it were for Montero, she would never have been selected by him; While he began to sing ‘El Sinaloense’ to her as a sign that he wanted her on his team. Filed Under: Paty Christmas Cries MasterChef

Paty Navidad cries MasterChef: They did not secure her place on the balcony

Paty Navidad cries MasterChef: They did not secure her place on the balcony
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In one of the shorts where each famous person is shown giving a few words about their impressions on the program, the actress gives a message before her entry to the blue apron team, pointing out that being the last, she could also be the first in finish in challenge, so she tried to appear serene after being selected, but yes, an expression is worth a thousand words and her expression said it all.

“There is also a saying that says that the last will be the first,” said the actress from Sinaloa, in the cooking program that brought together the most popular celebrities in Mexico, after being the last person selected for the challenge that they were about to begin. to be done in the transmission chapter. Filed Under: Paty Christmas Cries MasterChef

Paty Navidad cries MasterChef: “Nobody loves you”

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Although they did their best, the blue team did not step onto the balcony, but instead had to try harder to get a spot on the hottest cooking show. The moment did not go unnoticed by the audience, who followed the pending challenge that ensured the place of their favorite celebrities.

According to El Universal, the red team was saved and those who went up to the balcony and ensured their permanence were: Matilde, La choco, Stephanie Salas, Tony Balardi, José Joel, William Valdés, Jorge Araneda and Laura Zapata. This led to the red team leaving for the elimination challenge, where they had to prepare a dessert that would convince the judges. Filed Under: William Valdés Mom Master Chef Celebrity

“I am not weak”

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With the movement in the kitchen and trying to preserve her place within the program, everyone had forgotten the tense moments that passed at the beginning of the challenge, when Paty Navidad had not been chosen for the challenge, but it was until the last. The soap opera actress kept working as a team and was one of the most active during the dessert challenge, which was the mission of the contestants in the final stretch, to ensure their place and it was at that moment that she experienced an extremely uncomfortable situation with Chef Herrera. “Paty, they chose you last because maybe nobody loves you,” Chef Herrera mentioned, which caused an awkward silence to fall on the broadcast and the actress began to cry, because it was noticed from the beginning the discomfort he suffered from the beginning of the transmission. Filed Under: Paty Christmas Cries MasterChef

Among the comments of the program, El Universal rescued one of the parts where the Sinaloan actress spoke, pointing out that she was not someone weak, but very sensitive and emotional; This is due to the words that Chef Herrera mentioned against the actress, mentioning that no one wanted her in the programming. “I am a very sensitive woman, very emotional, but I am not weak. It connected me to a past of mine in a project where there was a direction to affect, which is not the case here “, said the actress in the transmission of the beginning of MasterChef Celebrity, where she was victorious with her dessert plate, earning good comments from the judges. Filed Under: William Valdés Mom Master Chef Celebrity

Came out victorious

Came out victorious
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Though she got off to a rocky start in the opening chapter of the MasterChef Celebrity show, the actress faced the dessert challenge, mentioning that she would make a cake covered in strawberry jam; At first, the judges weren’t sure what the actress had done, since during its elaboration, they admonished her a couple of times, but everything went well for Christmas.

It was Chef Betty Vázquez, who admitted that her dessert was one of the best and even went so far as to compare the actress’s strawberry jam with her grandmother’s seasoning, which made Paty Navidad excited by the comments she had received. The most feared moment of the night came when Chef Herrera introduced himself and told the actress that he had done an excellent job. Filed Under: William Valdés Mom Master Chef Celebrity

“She is my favorite”

"She is my favorite"
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Internet users have not stopped leaving their opinion, about the appearance of the controversial actress in the cooking show, receiving many compliments for her participation in the challenges and even, they gave their opinion about what happened to her when they did not choose her in neither group, but was the remaining contestant in that challenge.

“Poor Paty, I felt very ugly that they made her cry for not choosing her, the truth is she is my favorite”, mentioned a follower of the program, in the comments of the profile of the Instagram page, where they have begun to upload the videos of the challenges that each contestant on the show faced. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE MOMENT OF PATY CHRISTMAS CRYING (from minute 1:30:00) Filed under: William Valdés mom Master Chef Celebrity

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