William Valdés reacts to rumors about his sexual orientation

William Valdes host of “Venga la Alegría” reacted angrily to the rumors that have emerged about his sexual orientation and about the supposed profile he has on a dating platform of the same gender.

Through a YouTube video, the driver assured that the press since he arrived in Mexico has given false information about his life.

In AmericanPost.News We let you know that William Valdés was recently criticized on social networks for changing the name of the program to Despierta América.

What happened to William Valdes?

William Valdés explodes over questions about his sexuality The host of Venga la Alegría assures that he does not have a dating profile

The driver William Valdés responded strongly to those who have spoken about his sexuality, stating that it is not anyone else’s problem.

“My sexuality is my sexuality because I live it and it is part of my life and my sexuality, I have decided to keep it private, not to talk about it.”

He affirmed that the day he wants to talk about his sexuality, he will do it without any problem, meanwhile he will not do it because the “riffraff” pressure him.

William Valdes in Blued

The host of Venga la Alegría assures that he does not have a dating profile

Similarly, the host of the “Venga la Alegría” program spoke of the publication that ensures that it is part of the “Blued” network that is used to find same-sex couples and have sexual encounters.

“In what head can someone like me, so public, be on a platform like this, to look for sex. I am surprised because I feel that the press sometimes no longer knows what to invent to continue damaging my name.

William Valdes He assured that he does not hide his sexuality and that the people who know him; His friends and his family know who he is, meanwhile he doesn’t want to explain himself.

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