William Valdés’s sexual orientation is exposed by Cesia de La Academia

Cesia Sáenz is the famous one who became the winner of The Academy: 20 years a few weeks ago and before this, the reaction of the public has been divided. Despite the criticism, the Honduran has continued to participate with her colleagues in all kinds of interviews and programs.

That is why, after a recent talk that the three finalists of the singing contest had with Pedro Prieto on his Authentic Podcast, users on social networks were quick to react to some controversial statements made by the interpreter of the Me Rehúso cover about driver William Valdes.

That is why during the last season of La Academia, the Cuban William Valdés served as one of the co-hosts of the La Academia reality show and established a close friendly relationship with some of the program’s participants.

Cesia referred to William Valdés as gay

Cesia and William Valdes Cesia and Montemayor

It turns out that in the conversation that the former academics had with Pedro, they began to talk about the shipping that took place in the house: “With Andrés they shipped me, that is, they made us as a couple, but because we got along very well” , began to say Cesia de La Academia.

At this, Andresse quickly jumped in and pointed out that not only had his partner been matched with him, but with many other people who participated in the program. Thus, the Honduran burst into laughter and highlighted:

“I have been shipped with William, with anyone who comes close they ship with me, even with the tacos they ship with me (…) even with the director (Alexander Acha)”.

It should be noted that regarding what Cesia said about William Valdés, the interviewer was taken aback and stated: “But if William plays for the other line (referring to his sexual orientation), right?… I think that for both (implying that he is bisexual or pansexual)”.

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They criticize Cesia’s comments

Cesia and Montemayor

It is not for less that the fragment quickly went viral on TikTok and Internet users did not agree that the singer exposed a life that was not hers.

Some comments highlighted as follows: “The discomfort of Mar and Andrés before a subject in which they do not have an opinion, what imprudence”. “Well, to talk between ‘friends’, Cesia is passable, but now she is a public figure and she should exercise caution.” “The problem is that William has never wanted to talk about his sexuality, he was not correct.”

If we remember this is not the only controversy in which Cesia has recently been involved, as it has transpired that after imitating Myriam Montemayor in a live show, the godmother of The Academy stopped following the Honduran on her social networks .

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