Willy Gutiérrez, father of singer Lisset and teacher of the program ‘La Academia’, dies

Willy Gutierrez, singer, composer and former teacher on the program ‘La Academia’, died this Tuesday after being hospitalized for several days, according to a publication that his daughter, the singer and actress Lisset, made this Wednesday on social networks.

“With a very deep pain I share with you that the greatest love, my adoration, my teacher, my mentor, my sensei, my guide, my daddy, the most loving, yesterday (Tuesday) night, the very day of his birthday , transcended to another plane, leaving behind a great legacy, of teaching, and above all a lot of LOVE”, reads the message.

“76 years of deeply loving music and being the best human being that God could send me; the best dad, the best husband, the best son, the best brother, the best friend and without a doubt, the best teacher!!! He lived a life full of love, full of God!! A life that was worth, is worth, and will be worth remembering.”

According to Lisset, her father fought against a lymphatic cancer, for which he had to undergo operations and chemotherapy and, as a result, he suffered various illnesses such as pulmonary thrombosis and two pneumonias.

“They intubated him, put him on hemodialysis, did a tracheostomy after extubating him, and he was still fighting!! That was our TITAN!! God did not want him to suffer and he did not suffer. He did not find out about everything that his little body received, because he also had 3 catheters!” he added.

“I share them with you because all of you and my friends in the media have always loved us very much. And when we need blood, we count on all your unconditional support and we are very grateful to the whole family for that. They were on the lookout for the health of my beloved daddy !!!”.

Lisset also mentioned that she was not only away from her work as artists and star of ‘Mi Fortuna Es Amarte’ to take care of her father, but also because she tested positive for Covid-19, although she stated that she is already recovering.

According to various national media, Gutiérrez’s body will be buried in the French Pantheon in Mexico City.