Wisin and Yandel announce their last tour together. Will they come to Mexico?

After 23 years giving concerts, Wisin and Yandel announced that their last tour together this will develop 2022 in several cities in the United States, and with it they will close their career and launch a new album.

“More than a monumental closure of what has been a career, it is to thank millions of people for more than 20 years saying yes,” said Wisin when announcing the news. “We feel honored, there is emotion, we are happy, and at the same time a little sad to close a cycle of so many years,” she explained.

The so-called ‘Duo of history’ announced their final separation last December, along with the release of the album entitled “The last mission” and a new single called “Recordar”. They got gloomy!

Wisin y Yandel tour 2022

The popular reggaeton duo will embark on “The Last Mission” tour starting on September 20 Miami and ending on December 2 at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in his native Puerto Rico.

Among the 26 cities that they will visit on their tour of more than two months of concerts, appear New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Antonio and Boston.

Yandel explained that the decision was made in part because they both need more time to spend with their families. Wisin said that her baby was born in November and she has hardly had time to enjoy it.

Wisin and Yandel separate

Wisin and Yandel are considered pioneers of the reggaeton genre.

The singers of “Si supieras” and “Pam Pam” announced that his 2022 tour will feature several well-known guests, like the Puerto Rican rapper Tego Calderón and also younger artists who will be given a boost to take off. The album has been in preparation for three years.

“We already know what we have to do. There is such a great connection” between the two, Wisin assured. “Those live shows are magical. They are a blessing.”

Wisin y Yandel began their career in the late 1990s and released their first album, “Los reyes del nuevomilleno”, in 2000. Numerous albums followed, including “De nuevos a viejo”, “Mi vida… My life”, “Otherwise”, “Pa’l mundo”, “Los extraterrestres” and “La Revolución”.

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