Wisin and Yandel announce their separation after more than 20 years as the ‘Duo of history’

Their real names are Juan Luis Morera Luna and Llandel Veguilla Malavé, but we all know them as Wisin and Yandel.

These leading artists of the urban genre worldwide, the same ones who have had a great number of successes since they rose to fame, They have just confirmed their separation.

The ‘Duo of history’ will definitively close their career as a group after more than 20 years with a great tour and with a last record production whose first single, “Recordar”, premiered this Thursday, December 2nd.

“The Last Mission” is their final album together., which they hope to publish in the spring of 2022 and which it was necessary to launch to “close this cycle in the correct way,” according to Wisin told EFE, about the end of the duo, but not of their solo careers.

“I will always be involved in music. Retreating into music is never going to happen. What I do is what I love, which is not work, but something I enjoy “


Even so, the reggaetoneros had already experienced a separation in 2013 and they started careers separately, though they joined their voices again in 2018 to launch the album “Los Campeones del Pueblo / The Big Leagues”.

Regarding the tour, according to Yandel, they had it organized before the pandemic, but with the new album almost finished, because it was the opportune moment to launch it and carry out the presentations.

“I think that we are giving Wisin and Yandel the last race. We have energy, career and we will see what happens. We are vicious of music and we are going to continue making music“, He assured.

In Wisin’s opinion, “after so many years of sacrifice”, since its inception in 1998 with its first song included on the album “DJ Dicky, No Fear 3”, it was time to close a chapter between the two in a big way.

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“We are preparing a high-altitude cycle to carry our show. The year 2022 and the beginning of 2023 will be many concerts in new cities and others that we have already gone to share our successes ”, he indicated.

“The Last Mission” will have as guests “the greats of music”, as revealed by Wisin in the interview with the agency: “We want to finish with the best,” he said, although without naming names.

And after having made a whole generation happy for his long-awaited return to the stage, it seems that it was only to have his debut and farewell.

“The reality is that I love Wisin y Yandel, I love my brand. There are so many years of sacrifice and work that no one is going to erase it, but you have to think responsible, ”admitted Wisin, who recently became a father again with his wife Yomaira Ortiz.

It was in their hometown of Cayey, in the central and mountainous area of ​​Puerto Rico, where this duet met and started their musical career.

At the time, Wisin y Yandel managed to position 22 songs in the Top 10 of Billboard‘s Hot Latin Songs chart, including ten number 1 hits.. ‘Something I like about you’, ‘Rakata’, ‘Hypnotízame’, ‘Abusadora’ and ‘Follow The Leader’ with Jennifer Lopez, to name some of their themes, but still they walked away, even though they both tried to minimize the damage saying they were just “filming separately.”

There was never any friction between them, but it seems that The moment came when both began to feel that distance was missing after being together for more than two decades.

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