With a bare fist: Brian Lozano hit Jesús Dueñas after a friendly between Santos and Tigres [Video]

Photo: Andrea Jimenez / Imago7

There was controversy in one of the last friendlies between Liga MX teams. The end of the match between Santos Laguna and Tigres was led by Brian Lozanowho repeatedly tried to hit with a bare fist Jesus Duenas.

TUDN reports that a Strong foul by Dueñas on Jordan Carrillo provoked the wrath of Lozano. In addition, the university midfielder would have made more offenses with excessive force, especially since it was a friendly preparation duel.

The video shows a Lush without control and with his hands quickly releasing blows in search of Dueñas. But the Uruguayan winger did not achieve his objective: players from both teams prevented the annoyance from escalating and were able to contain it.

The duel ended in favor of Santos (3-1). And surely Lozano was left with a thorn after seeing his partner suffer due to Dueñas’ aggressiveness when defending. A spicy duel awaits us in the Opening Tournament.