With a lilac micro top, Maya Nazor celebrates her exquisite curves for reaching 6 million fans on TikTok

Maya Nazor knows how to keep her fans entertained on social networks, so once again, she showed that besides being beautiful, she has a sculpted body that can move to any rhythm.

It turns out that she recently shared a video on TikTok with which she celebrated almost 6 million followers on that social network, where she usually shares her best outfits and steps.

This time the beautiful Maya Nazor did it with the song “Toro” by Jowell & Randy. To make the clip, she chose to wear a flirty lilac top and classic blue skinny jeans, while the clothes showed her well-worked anatomy and her well-groomed extra-long blonde hair.

Maya Nazor conquers with lilac micro top

Maya Nazor conquers with a purple Maya Nazor micro top.

As expected, in a short time, the publication added almost 39 thousand “likes,” and her followers left several comments thanking the beautiful model for the gift she gave them.

With kind and flattering words, they let the Santa Fe Klan couple know their admiration for her. For her part, the influencer reciprocated the affection by greeting the people who asked her and also informed them that she was in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

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Among the comments left by her fans are those that tell her that she is perfect and beautiful and that she doesn’t even look like she just became a mom: “The most beautiful mom ??” commented one of her followers.

The influencer celebrated her new followers.

Maya Nazor.

As can be seen in her networks, her body is worthy of admiration because just last June 30, she became a mother of little Luka, and shortly after giving birth, she showed that her figure would remain as beautiful as ever.

Some say that Maya has undergone plastic surgeries to have that angelic face and heart-stopping anatomy. However, the influencer assures that everything is natural and has not had to resort to the scalpel, as she follows “beauty rituals.”

It should be noted that Maya Nazor has shown her talent as a content creator since she was a teenager when she opened her YouTube channel at 17. Still, today, at 23, she has 3.3 million followers on her Instagram account, but the amazing amount is almost doubled in Tiktok because she expresses her passion for dancing there.