With a mini dress and animal print bra, Gala Montes raises the temperature in nets

The actress Gala Montes he continues to steal the hearts of the public, not only thanks to his character in the successful novel “Designing your love”, but also to the wave of photographs he publishes through his social networks. Such was the case of the last postcard he shared with his followers, where he bragged about his recent getaway to Huatulco and delighted more than one with his sight. Here we tell you the details!

It was on her Instagram profile that the famous actress dhe occupied his trip to beautiful Huatulco, Oaxaca, a place where he went to vacation with his family and relax after his busy routine after the end of the recordings of the novel that he starred in with Juan Diego Covarrubias.

As a result of her trip, Gala has obtained several photographs with which she has impressed not only because of the beautiful landscapes that she has in the background, but also because of her impressive figure.

Sheathed in a black mini dress with an animal print bra, the famous one was seen from her hotel room and getting ready to go out and continue exploring her said tourist destination. To accompany your look, Gala Montes opted for a scarf as an accessory in her hair and some giant sunglasses that complemented their large earrings.

“Tomorrow is the race with @dreamsresorts @secretsresorts and @cngenlapielde, You cannot miss it HUATULCO”, wrote the actress to accompany the postcard that quickly collected thousands of likes and comments, Among those that stood out were those of Julio Camejo and the actress Gabriela Zamora.

In addition to sharing memories of her trip, Gala Montes has been extremely active through social networks this October, this due to her work as spokesperson for different initiatives that have breast cancer as their main theme. According to the actress, this issue is very close to her since her mother has been a victim of this disease on two occasions, a reason that has inspired her to support women who are in this situation.

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