With a pronounced neckline, Maripily Rivera lets her charms escape

Puerto Rican model and businesswoman Maripily Rivera flaunts her shapely body in a heart-stopping neckline.

Maripily Rivera – Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / GrosbyGroup

Maripily Rivera is one of the Puerto Rican figures who enjoy great popularity in the United States, and in addition to his talent as a model, actress, and businesswoman, have a great body, which he has managed to maintain due to her intense exercise routines, which you demonstrate in the photos and videos you share on your Instagram account.

Like the video she uploaded a few hours ago, she wears a minidress with a large neckline, which almost exposes her well-shaped breasts.

“That’s how beautiful they left me at @styleforeversalonspa the best in hair, my loves here I leave the tel (786) 615-4586 for your appointment”, posted the Puerto Rican businesswoman on her Instagram account.

Raise the temperature with a neckline that reveals its charms

And it is that in addition to exercising always to show off her shapely body, the Puerto Rican loves to look good at all times, both in makeup and in the arrangement of her hair, and the result is undeniable.

In the video, Maripily Rivera sits while giving her a hair massage.

She is cross-legged, revealing her shapely legs, and her heart-stopping neckline has raised the temperature of her 1.5 million followers.

The model wears original brown boots that reach a little below her knees.

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Even though she’s sitting, the businesswoman shows the gym hours to maintain her athletic body.

The video takes more than 4,930 views.

Click here to watch the video.

Maripily is among the most active and famous Latinas on social media, especially on Instagram, where her posts always get thousands of likes.

His followers do not stop flattering and thank Maripily for sharing photos and videos of her day-to-day, to be aware of what her favorite star is doing.

The Puerto Rican is very risky and daring in her publications, where she appears with little clothing in very sexy and suggestive poses.

But he also shares images about his exercise routines, which help him stay in shape.