With a sensual lace swimsuit, Luis Miguel’s daughter raises the temperature

Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel's daughter, turned heads in a trendy swimsuit; the model looks more beautiful than ever.

Luis Miguel’s first daughter is one of the most beautiful and popular models on social networks, and proof of this was the recent publication she shared on her Instagram profile, making it clear that at 33 years of age, she has become a very stylish woman.

Michelle Salas has a career on the catwalk, as she has modeled for renowned brands. She has also boasted in her social profile of the advertising campaigns in which she has participated. She positioned herself as a fashion and beauty influencer at a young age.

In American Post News, we told you that Michelle Salas dazzled in Cannes with a spectacular sparkling dress and put Mexico on high with her elegance. Still, recently the young woman brought out her most daring and flirtatious side by modeling a lace swimsuit.

The daughter of Luis Miguel made her followers fall in love

Michelle shows off her beautiful figure on the beach.

In her Instagram profile, she shared that photo from the beach, where you can see the model wearing a micro lace bikini combined with a necklace with shells, a beach hat, sunglasses, and discreet makeup.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s fans reacted and commented that she is a beautiful woman. Some of them sent her several compliments like: “And angels do exist” and “Every day more beautiful.”

When does Luis Miguel recognize that he has a daughter?

The singer’s daughter does not have a close relationship with her father

The singer Luis Miguel’s past with his daughter had caused quite a stir because when Michelle was 18 years old, the “Sol de Mexico” recognized her as his daughter, but in 2008 when the model was 19 years old, he continued to deny his daughter when giving interviews.