With craft barriers they try to stop sargassum in Mahahual

Entrepreneurs of Mahahual They stated that, before the delay of the authorities, they already placed craft barriers to try to stop the arrival of sargassowhich represents a bad image for tourists who already arrive in the Holy Week to Mayan Coast.

They questioned the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico (SEMAR) do not put the sargacera barriers in Mahahual just as the visitors in the season that will represent a economic respite.

In this context, the hotelier Primo Medina Martínez stressed that, as has been the case for eight years, the businessmen It has been seen forced to place craft barriers to try contain the arrival of sargassum.

We are working hard to keep our beaches clean… but we are putting up artisanal barriers on our own. Of the barriers that the Navy places on us year after year, until now we see nothing.

He commented that the version they have heard is that SEMAR will place them until the end of March, but without a specific date.

no date

With artisan barriers they try to stop sargassum in Mahahual.

What date in March? We don’t know and another thing that business friends say is that either they put up barriers for everyone or they don’t put up anyone, because they have never put up complete barriers and they are putting them up in places where they are not deserved.

And it is that Primo Medida affirmed that there have been discussions between tourism service providers, because many demand that barriers be put in front of their businesses, while those who do not reach them also demand.

For his part, the leader of COPARMEX, in the Costa Maya, Gerardo Pérez Zafra, considered that the barriers should be placed before the start of the Easter season because, otherwise, tourists will not want to visit Mahahual.