With diabolos rifle, drug dealers delivered drugs in Playa del Carmen

After a strong persecution of the elements of the Quintana Roo Police in Solidarity, Playa del Carmen, to catch suspected drug dealers, gave positive results, which left two people arrested, as well as the seizure of several doses of drugs and a rifle. The couple was handed over to the FGE.

According to the first reports, the events occurred during the early hours of this Monday, December 13, when the officers were on their prevention and surveillance tour on Lilis Avenue, suddenly they saw that a Volkswagen car, type Jetta, I was not respecting the signs traffic, so they proceeded to catch up with them.

There was a chase

With diabolos rifle, drug dealers delivered drugs in Playa del Carmen

The policemen asked the driver to stop their march, but he did not pay attention, but accelerated and caused the pursuit to begin, thanks to the rapid reaction of the uniformed men, they managed to catch up with the streets ahead. The crew, a man and a woman, got out of the vehicle to be inspected.

Before this action, the agents saw that in the back of the car they had a Long weapon, That is why they were sent to be searched, the interior of the car the policemen found two packages with a green vegetable similar to marijuana, 18 bags with a crystalline substance of the characteristics of the drug called crystal and 23 bags with white powder apparently cocaine, as well as a black diabolos rifle.

Given these findings, they proceeded to determine, it was learned that the alleged were identified as Jesús “N”, 25 years old and Claudia “N”, 39 years old, who were transferred to the facilities of the Municipal Secretariat of Public Safety and Traffic to be assessed by the doctor and then made available to the Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo for the corresponding legal purposes.

With diabolos rifle, drug dealers delivered drugs in Playa del Carmen

It was said that these people, in this way they delivered their merchandise and sold it to their clients, that is, they walked with the rifle in hand, it is also said that this couple is involved in other crimes, but that will be determined by the competent authority, a through research and test data.

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