With her body wet, Karol G poses by the pool wearing a printed micro bikini

Karol G.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

In recent weeks not much had been known about Karol G on social media, since the singer took a well-deserved break after the first phase of her successful tour “Bichota”. But now it has reappeared in Instagram With her first publication in 2022: these are some photos in which she appears by the pool, with her body and hair wet, while posing very sensual wearing a micro bikini with a heart print. The message he wrote next to the images (which in less than half an hour obtained more than a million likes) was “As in the cover of a notebook just to start the year 🙈❤️”.

A month ago the beautiful reggaeton pleased her millions of fans with some photos in which she wears a red top so short that it reveals her lack of underwear; of course, she could not miss the blue color in her hair, which has become one of the hallmarks of her look.

Apparently after several weeks of rest Karol G she is ready to return to the stage with new vigor, and everything is ready for his concert on January 29 in Las Vegas and later (on February 26) in his native Colombia; The latter is a show that the singer looks forward to, knowing that it will be very emotional for her.

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