With minimal dental floss, Karol G sang a Vallenato for Colombia

Finally the singer Karol G is in his hometown Medellín, Colombia, where the locker had been sold out for a long time. La Bichota She came out to hit him with everything in which she had already said would be her most important concerts. Not only because it was her birthplace but because her dream of being a great reggaeton singer began 15 years ago. Today, that dream is fulfilled. Karol G came out to sing at the Atanasio Girardort stadium in Medellín with a white dental floss and singing Vallenato for all his countrymen.

The ex of Anuel AA, Karol G, could not hide her emotion on the first night in Medellín. Without hesitation, he invited accordionist María Silena Ovalle (one of the best instrumentalists in that country) and He paid tribute to his Colombian roots by singing one of the traditional genres of that country, Vallenato. Obviously, the venue was collapsing between screams, cries and of course, flags of Colombia. This not to mention Karol G’s waste of sensuality when wearing one of her customary bodysuits from the Bichota Tour that turned into dental floss from behind.

Few days ago, Karol G the El Coliseo de Puerto Rico was presented and Anuel AA appeared on stage. The public could not of the emotion and asked that they kiss, but Karol G what he did was dedicate a few words of thanks and also break when he said: “I love you.” The good news is that they themselves decided to turn the page later in the dressing room and they have remained as two people who love each other but who have already closed that couple cycle and are now very good friends.

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