With murals they ask for justice for the murdered journalists in Mexico

Several artists decided to raise their voice for the murders of journalists in MexicoThey took the initiative to paint murals related to the theme on various fences of the Roma neighborhood in Mexico City.

The project was idea by the artist Gabriel Macotelawho invited his colleagues to paint the fences, had previously met to ask with his art for justice for the victims of femicidein this case it was to protest for the recent acts of violence against journalists.

People passing by can see on the billboards images related to freedom of expression and as protagonists the names of the six journalists who lost their lives so far in 2022, such as the case of Lourdes Maldonado.

The opinion of the artists on the murdered journalists

The opinion of the artists about the victims What is studied in journalism

The artist Macotena, who is part of the project to ask for justice for the murders of journalists express:

“The artists, the intellectuals, we are supporting these wonderful people who are the journalists, that without them we would not know the reality, because of them we know the reality of what is happening”

He also said that the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is being “intolerant” with journalists, he sentenced:

“They are not being respected, it seems incredible to me, I did not expect such a response from the president, and that is why we are here”

For your part the visual artist, Magali Ávilasaid that much of the messages that are in the billboards speak of fear and the media.

What is studied in journalism?

What is studied in journalism

Future journalists must learn to contribute critically and responsibly to the dissemination of social problemsthrough informative messages and content, which can be presented through different means.

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