With the lawyers! Ninel Conde put her legal team to work after ties to drug trafficking

Ninel Conde – Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Statements continue to be flow due to the book “Emma y la otras senoras de narco”, by Anabel Hernández, where various personalities from the show business are linked with members of drug trafficking.

On this occasion, it was Ninel Conde who offered a few words to the press about her alleged involvement with these groups and assured that her legal team is working on it.

“It is totally false and it is already in the hands of my legal team, my law firm, both the one from Mexico and the one from here are already working on the issue and that’s all I can tell you, “said the Mexican, known as the bombón asesino (murderous candy).

On board a car after leaving a show, Conde gave the statements that have been published on the Instagram account of El Gordo y La Flaca.

“Look, God is good, God is faithful and God always supports the just and I believe that the best blessing is family, health and work”, she also expressed.

The comments on the publication did not wait: “What her lawyers don’t know is that journalist Anabel Hernandez has evidence of everything that she published in her books” and “Don’t put God in there. Anabel is a good journalist with a lot of recognition” are some of the words that can be read in that post.

It is not the first statement about it that the singer gives. A few days ago she said that she has been working honestly for 23 years.

“I am calm because I have a 23-year career working honestly, building a future for my children. It has not been easy. What I have is based on work and effort. At no time has any type of documentation been required of me. If the authorities at some time does it, we have everything supported, everything documented, which is transparent and I have nothing to hide. I do not know the reason, the root of said publication or why they are doing something like that,” she said in Suelta La Sopa.