“With the Pinal family she does not count”, Alejandra Guzmán mentioned it to Adela Micha, says Sylvia Pasquel

the journalist Adela Micha became a persona non grata for the Pinal family. In an interview for Grupo Formula, film, theater and television actress Sylvia Pasquel revealed that the host of the program “La Saga” no longer has the friendship of the family, this after the comment he made about Silvia Pinal, one of the famous actresses of the golden age of Mexican cinema, stating that it would not take long to die.

Let us remember that last December Silvia Pinal, 90 years old, was hospitalized due to hypotension and cardiac arrhythmia; Once in the hospital, a Covid-19 test was performed and it was positive. In the program “Adela told me”, the journalist asked one of her collaborators to prepare a video about the actress.

“It doesn’t take long for her to die, why don’t they write me something and I record it for her, I have many interviews with her, so she can put something together, I think she’s going to die,” he said. Adele Michael, not realizing that they were recording her.

In the aforementioned interview Sylvia Pasquel, eldest daughter of Doña Chivis, the so-called “last diva of Mexican cinema”, was very clear with her words:

With the Pinal family she does not count, but not at all, we are not really interested in friendship with a person who expresses himself like that about our mother.

Sylvia Pasquel said that Adela Micha was very clever, well first he spoke with his sister Alejandra Guzmán to try to make amends for his actionHowever, they had already sent her the video where the journalist expressed herself in that way about her mother, “she spoke to her to put her in her place and told her everything she had to say.”

Subsequently, Adela contacted Sylvia Pasquel to request an interview about the hospitalization of his mother, without mentioning the video and that he had already spoken with his sister Alejandra.

“After he interviewed me, he sent me a message and told me: ‘hey, there was a misunderstanding of a comment I made and Guzmán already spoke to me, he reminded me of it and told me about it, but I want to tell you that it is a misunderstanding that there was no intention.

Given this, the mother of the actress Stephanie Salas (ex-sentimental partner of the singer Luis Miguel), watched the controversial video of Adela Micha. “That is not done, no wonder my sister spoke to you very justifiedly to tell you off, and me because they already told you about it, why do you want me to lie to you again, but she did deserve it.”

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A few weeks ago, television host Ana María Alvarado commented on her YouTube channel that Adela Micha tried to apologize to Alejandra Guzmán and Silvia Pinal, sending some gifts to their respective homes, but said gifts were returned.