With their hands on drugs, they arrest Colombians in Playa del Carmen

Two women from Colombia were discovered with their hands in the drug, after they were intercepted by elements of the Municipal Secretary of Public Security and Transit of the Solidaridad municipality, when they were traveling aboard a four-wheeled vehicle, which they tried to escape from the authorities.

According to the first reports, the events occurred during the early hours of this Thursday, January 6 of this year, when the officers were on their prevention and surveillance tour; during their patrol they observed a Mazda brand car, type CX 3, with two women on board, who were circulating in a suspicious manner.

One of the officers was the one who observed the narcotics

With their hands on drugs, they arrest Colombians in Playa del Carmen

When the agents approached to talk with them, one of the policemen saw that in the passenger seat there was a bag with pink powder similar to a drug, for which they asked the women to get out of the vehicle for an inspection, however in their attitude aggressive of the ladies, they tried to flee, but were caught.

When conducting the security review who was identified as 25-year-old Laura “N” He had in his possession 3 bags with apparently cocaine white powder, 9 pills with the characteristics of the drug called LSD and 1 bag with a substance similar to the drug called crystal.

For his part Tatiana “N”, 19 years old She had among her belongings 5 ​​bags with apparently cocaine powder, likewise inside the vehicle the officers found 1 bag with the same substance, so after reading their rights, both women were secured to be made available to the police. State Attorney General’s Office for the possible commission of crimes against health.

With their hands on drugs, they arrest Colombians in Playa del Carmen

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the municipality Solidarity, Playa del Carmen It continues to give “good results”, since since the beginning of the year 2022, between three to four people related to drug dealing have been detained every day and hundreds of doses of drugs have been secured. It seems that the security increase did work in that destination.

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