Without a bra, Alexa Dellanos shows off her charms in a hot micro top

Alexa Dellanos He knows what his fans like and always shares images that encourage them to like or leave comments on Instagram. The daughter of Myrka Dellanos He has more than 9 million followers and continues to grow his platform exponentially. There is no day that the “influencer” does not share a photo with tiny outfits that leave little to the imagination.

In one of her recent images, Alexa was seen casually. Recurrently, Alexa wears bikinis, thongs and lingerie in her publications.

The sensual image that Alexa manages has given a lot to talk about but her mother has defended her.

“I say, it has to do with her having a 4-year relationship. She started small, she works by herself and besides, when she started with her boyfriend 4 years ago, he wasn’t a billionaire. They have grown up together, she works on her own, she earns a lot of money,” Myrka clarified.

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