Without a bra, Alicia Machado showed off her neckline to the navel

After Alicia Machado and NiNel Conde will stroll in bikinis through Miami Beach on a luxury yacht belonging to some friends, the former Miss Universe did not repair, without a bra, showing off her cleavage that reached her navel. Obviously, now that the Venezuelan has lost weight, she does not stop leaving everyone shocked with her beauty and charisma.

With a dark blazer and no shirt, don’t hold downshe is the winner of The House of the Famous, Alicia Machado exhibited a neckline that almost reached her navel. Quite the contrary of looking vulgar, the Venezuelan looked elegant and very seductive. With this image, Roberto Romano’s ex makes it very clear that he is an expert in the art of seduction.

The conflicts with his former companions of the reality show of TelemundoThe House of the Famous, are still standing despite the fact that it stopped going off the air a couple of months ago. Celia Lora recently admitted that since Alicia Machado Manelyk González became a friend, the rocker’s daughter does not want to know anything about any of them. Celia Lora He has made it very clear that the reality show did not help him much, that he did not like the experience and that he does not want to talk about it. Precisely two years ago they called each other, Celia Lora was the cover of Playboy Mexico and caused an impact on social networks to look totally naked.

For now, Alicia Machado does not stop working. He continues promoting weight loss products, his recent work “Yo Sí Soy Arre**”, with which he will be presenting not only in the United States but also in Mexico, he has several projects on the horizon and of course, the role he loves the most. , being Dinorah’s mother.

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