Without a bra, Karol G barely holds her blouse with a minimal brooch from her new home in Los Angeles

Karol G sets Instagram on fire.

Karol G sets Instagram on fire.

Photo: ACL Music Festival, Austin, Texas, USA. / GrosbyGroup

Everything indicates that, for now and the next two monthsKarol G will continue to live in her new home that she has decided to form in the city of Los Angeles. His last awards have been here. Also remember that she will be participating in the series “Griselda” along with the Colombian Sofia Vergara. Therefore, it was not surprising to see her home in LA and much less showing her charms. Without fear of anything, Karol G showed off her heart-stopping neckline with a blouse that was only held up by a minimal brooch in tune with the nature that surrounds the reggaeton artist.

“Imagining a date for this Sunday.” she wrote Carol G in your account Instagram while it showed her cleavage supported by the tiny brooch of the blouse in degraded that I had on. In addition, the reggaeton artist does not stop showing off the beautiful view from which she has become the new home of La Bichota in the city of Los Angeles.

Although no heartthrob has been known to The Makinonhas been related to the Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez. However, the athlete himself came out to deny that in a video, he also assured that he was single. This, after another video of Carol G, in which he said that James Rodríguez was his platonic love and that he would like to marry him. Recently, rumors have pointed to another reggaeton player.

Is about pheidwith whom he starred in an intense perreo during a concert of his Bichota Tour. Immediately, their fans rolled their eyes at the two singers of the Urban Genre. However, few were the media that could smell the friendship between these two. The Opinionn was one of them and, since that dance, it is known that they have been closer.

In fact, Carol G was at the concert pheid in Miami and wiggled her hips in a pink silk dress, while singing the songs of the also reggaeton singer Feid. immediate act, Carol G received the Billboard Women in Music 2021. A recognition of women within the Hispanic industry. Carol G She was awarded the “Real Breaker” award and triumphed with her cleavage and of course, with her speech.

In addition, just days later the photographs of a visit made by the Colombian have gone viral. Carol G to a women’s prison in Bogotá, Colombia called “The Good Shepherd”. Where in addition to singing and giving words of encouragement and empowerment, it was possible to take close-up photos with the inmates.

A few months ago, Carol G He was in his native Colombia as part of his successful “Bichota Tour” and sang a vallenato to Colombia. At the same time that she toured neighborhoods of her city and she let herself be seen face to face with the community that saw her born. No doubt, Carol G is marking a before and after in the history of the Latin woman in the world.

Billboard video.

We leave you precisely the video clip of Carol G with Feid called “THE FRIKKI“, which already has more than 40 million views on Youtube.

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