Without a drop of makeup, Jennifer Lopez shows what she wears on her face after her workout routine

Without a drop of makeup, Jennifer Lopez shows what she wears on her face after her workout routine

Without makeup, Jennifer Lopez showed her fans what she uses on her face to achieve her “glow” after working out.

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During the last weeks Jennifer Lopez has impacted with his love Ben affleck on each of the red carpets that she has walked from Venice to the Met Gala 2021, where she arrived as a sexy cowgirl and neckline to the waist. Now JLO has been seen a little more domestic and without a drop of makeup from the comfort of your home and also revealing his secret and what he wears on his face after his exercise routines so that your face looks “Glow”.

Justly Jennifer Lopez not only drew worldwide attention for being together with Ben affleck and make the relationship official, where by the way they shed love in their wake, but the singer’s skin really looked radiant and full of light. Something that at 52 years of any woman is not very easy to achieve. Many always ask him: “Doing so much exercise, with so little sleep and so much makeup, How do you get the skin on your face like this? ” She herself revealed what she wears immediately after exercising.

As it is very sweaty, Jennifer Lopez heads to her sink and uses one of the facial cleansers from your brand JLo Beauty. Immediately after, a serum is placed that claims to be his “secret ingredient”. According to the singer, this serum contains all the necessary vitamins that she herself was in charge of choosing so that aging is delayed as much as possible. This same product places it up to your bust. She indicated that she also sometimes uses a mask when she has had very little sleep.

Finally, another cream was placed also of his brand that has sunscreen and moisturizing at the same time. He says that afterwards he just puts on a little makeup and that’s it. For her this is more important than the makeup itself, because sometimes she says that the routine of painting is done in the car on many occasions and quickly. But Jennifer Lopez attributes much of her “glow” to the serum she always applies from exercising to her face.

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