Without fear of anything! VIDEO of Roberto Palazuelos with former leader of the Gulf Cartel (VIDEO)

Mexico. A video of Roberto Palazuelos is circulating on social networks in which he is allegedly seen in the company of ex-drug trafficker José Manuel Garza Rendón and it goes viral immediately.

The recording has caused all kinds of comments from users towards Roberto Palazuelos, who has declined his political intentions and so far He has not expressed a single word regarding said video.

In the recording, a man is heard asking: “Who is this person?” and Palazuelos replies: “He is the leader of the Gulf cartel, he has already paid his penalties and now they are decent people.”

The apparent ex-criminal adds: “I am a diamond in the rough, he says (referring to Roberto Palazuelos), and I am with the Black Diamond and I am a diamond in the rough.”

The recording has been released in the midst of the controversy that has been unleashed as a result of the non-designation of Roberto Palazuelos as a candidate of the Citizen Movement for the governorship of Quintana Roo, it is also speculated that the high command of that party They decided not to go in the contest with “The Black Diamond”.

Neither Roberto Palazuelos, nor the leaders of Movimiento Ciudadano have given an official version, but it is mentioned that the candidacy could have fallen due to the fact that not all the members of said party they agreed with the nomination of the businessman as a candidate.

Roberto Palazuelos has been on everyone’s lips lately, for example there was talk that he participated in a shooting in which two people died. “We killed the fat man,” Roberto Palazuelos told Yordi Rosado in an interview.

Regarding José Manuel Garza Rendón, who appears in the video with Roberto Palazuelos, this was a high-ranking lieutenant of the Gulf Cartel, considered one of the most violent in the country at the beginning of the new millennium.

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Garza Rendón was arrested in 2001 and tried along with other leaders of the organization, including Osiel Cárdenas Guiillén, the leader of the Gulf Cartel, and was released after serving his sentence, after pleading guilty to the US authorities of drug trafficking. for the Gulf Cartel. Now, he is one of Roberto Palazuelos’ friends.

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