Without fear of what they will say: Amber Heard would have a strategy at the door to pay the money she owes to Johnny Depp

Actor Johnny Depp with Amber Heard in 2015.

Photo: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images

The actress Amber Heard would be experiencing a fairly complex economic situation, which also adds to the reputation that the legal battle against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, left her. Let’s remember that The model also ended up losing the trial that was taking place for several weeks in Virginia. Therefore, you must pay a large sum of money to the actor to settle the account for all the damages that were caused.

Apparently The American would be evaluating the possibility of writing a book that deals with her life and the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, where they would also supposedly reveal details of the private life of each one, all this, according to what she would have lived with who her husband was in 2015, so she let it be known OK! Magazine.

Also, a close source would have assured that she is not in “conditions to reject the money. Amber thinks her Hollywood career is over. She no longer has anything to lose and she wants to tell everything, ”explained the aforementioned medium.

As if that were not enough, it seems that there would already be a contract involved where the actress of ‘Aquaman’ is presumed to have already signed itbecause I would like to fix all the errors and clarify the situations that occurred for several weeks in a trial that was made public.

It could be that the actress had no means of telling things that are not realWell, the interpreter of Willy Wonka in ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ could sue her for the second time if the opportunity for defamation were presented in what is said that there could be a supposed book.

After handing down the verdict at the beginning of June, Heard’s defense attorney explained that she does not have enough money to be able to cancel what she owes to the interpreter of ‘The Young Scissorhands’.

It was last Monday when the actress was seen shopping for clothes at a discount store, so TMZ made it known. In addition, many claim that it may be an alleged strategy by her lawyer to make Depp believe that she really does not have the money to pay him more than 10 million dollars.

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