Wolves coach criticizes Jiménez for expulsion against City

Raul Jimenez It was again a topic of conversation like every weekend of activity corresponding to the Premier league. This occasion was not thanks to his goals or assists with the Wolves, rather for something unusual in him.

The Mexican forward was sent off in the aggregate of the first half, this due to a double warning that was generated in a matter of 48 seconds. This is how he completed his first expulsion with Wolverhampton.

This situation left his team behind and was a factor in the 1-0 defeat against the ‘Citizens’ thanks to a goal from Raheem Sterling. This generated some discomfort in Bruno Lage, current coach of the English team.

At the end of the game, Lage assured that Jiménez was aware that he could not do that, although this time he acted differently. Despite this, he maintained a certain confidence in the Mexican when it comes to thinking ahead.

He knows he can’t do that, he has to understand, if it was fair or not, he had a yellow card. He is an experienced guy, but he will learn from this mistake. ”

Bruno lage


Who was not happy with the performance of Jonathan Moss, central referee of the match, was Daniela basso, Raúl Jiménez‘s partner. He did not hesitate to express his dissatisfaction after the decisions of this character.

Basso posted several tweets with angry emojis and also supplemented with complaints towards the referee’s decision to mark a penalty for Manchester City, being incredulous. Recently, he spoke about the evolution of Jiménez’s injury.