Woman arrested for killing her baby and hiding the body for almost 30 years

One of the oldest murder cases was solved in the state of Tennessee, where a woman murdered her own newborn baby and hid the body for almost 30 years, being discovered after a warehouse auction, which she rented to hide the death. Body.

Authorities determined that the investigation would begin after a scandal could have caused a scandal during the auction of said warehouse, and after being located, she was detained by elements of the police for her relationship with the body found in said warehouse.

The District Attorney for Coffee County in the state of Tennessee Craig Northcott stated that the general information of the person who rented the warehouse where the body was was reported before it was auctioned.

Woman kills her baby and hides her body in a warehouse

The woman was discovered when the warehouse was going to be auctioned Cases of this type have increased during the pandemic

The woman identified as 62-year-old Melissa S allegedly had the baby in March 1994, but for reasons still unknown the baby lost her life, something that Melissa did not report to the authorities and decided to hide the body. that she was allegedly responsible for the death.

This case was similar to that of a woman in Pennsylvania, who hid the body of her baby for a year but the reason was that she had no money for the funeral and apparently the baby died of natural causes, but they were arrested like Melissa S, who faces charges of disposing of a body in violation of the law.

Baby murder on the rise in America

Cases of this type have increased during the pandemic

As we have informed you in AmericanPost.NewsThere have been many cases where several babies have been victims of murders, one of the last cases where a woman beat a 16-month-old baby to death with the mother of the minor as an accomplice.

Meanwhile Melissa S has become the most recent and longest-lived baby killer at the same time, so the investigations will continue to try to discover the cause of death of the infant and thus proceed with the sentence for her mother.